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1. Make a list of four books that you have enjoyed. Discuss them with the tester.

2. With the tester choose two more books by different authors. When you have finished them, talk with the tester about them.

3. Show that you can care for a book, for example how to:

** cover a new book to keep it clean
** use a book sleeve
** place and remove a book from a shelf
** store books
** turn pages

4. Make a bookmark for a friend or relative.

5. Show how to use a reference book, including the contents and index.

6. Know where your local library is andits opening times. Make a display showing some of the things you can borrow from the library.

Need some help? Why don't you try reading one of the books we have reviewed for the Brownie Book Club? Then you can tell lots of Brownies what you thought of the book.

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