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Born to Dance

Born to Dance
by Katherine Reynolds

If you like reading stories about animals, then you'll love Born to Dance, a story about a tap-dancing horse called Dylan de Polka and his many friends. Dylan runs away with the hope of joining the circus along with his close friend Red Tabby. They have lots of adventures and meet lots of new friends along the way. If you love reading books about horses, then Born to Dance is a must-read.

What did you think of Born to Dance?
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Hannah, the Brownie Book Club Editor, thinks this...

Born to Dance is a great book for anyone who loves reading about animals. It's a great story about what animals get up to when humans aren't watching them. Dylan and Tabby are such lovable characters and every chapter brings about new adventures and dilemmas.

Hannah liked it! She rated it

Poppy, aged seven, thinks this...

I am going to make my friends and my mum and my brother and my dad read it. I hope you write another book about Dylan and Red Tabby and everyone in the Happy Days Circus including Lord Stomper.

Poppy loved it! She rated it

Kate, aged eight, thinks this...

I loved this book. I could have read it over and over again!

Kate loved it! She rated it

Kate, aged nine, thinks this...

I loved it! It was great. The only thing that would make it better is if I was in the book. I hope I am next time.

Kate liked it! She rated it

Summer, aged eight, thinks this...

The book is brilliant and the animals are great. There should be a full collection.

Summer loved it! She rated it

Joanne, aged nine, thinks this...

I think Born to Dance is fabulous! I want everyone I know to read it. It's the best book that I have ever read.

Joanne liked it! She rated it

Seruti, aged 13 thinks this...

This book is a really interesting book and I really enjoyed it.

Seruti loved it! She rated it

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