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Brownie book club

My naughty little sister
Welcome to the Brownie book club

Brownies, why not take part in our book club? Each month, we review a book. Sometimes they are new books and sometimes they are old classics that you'll find in your school library. Read them and tell us what you think.

My Naughty Little Sister

by Dorothy Edwards

My Naughty Little Sister is the first in a series of books telling stories about the author and her life with her little sister.

This book is a great read for anyone who has a naughty little sister or is a naughty little sister!

Have you read My Naughty Little Sister? Email the Brownie web team with your book review and you could see it published on the Brownie website! Our email address is web@girlguiding.org.uk.

Hannah, the Brownie Book Club Editor, thinks this...

Now I am lucky enough to have two little sisters. One, who could never be described as naughty, and another who is one of those girls who looks cute in all her baby pictures but is naughty when the camera is put away! I first read these books when I was a Brownie, after a friend recommended them to me. I have read most of the books in the series and enjoyed them a lot. The great thing about this book is that your mum will have read them when she was your age, maybe even your grandma!

Hannah liked it! She rated it

Emma, aged 9, thinks this...

I've read the My Naughty Little Sister Collection at least five times now. I first read it when I was seven. They're a brilliant read!

Emma liked it! She rated it

Niamh thinks this...

I loved it and it only took four days to read.

Niamh liked it! She rated it

Lauren thinks this...

I read My Naughty Little Sister when I was six. Now I know how lucky I am to have a little brother not a sister.

Lauren hated it! She rated it

Lucy thinks this...

I have no sisters but I read the book anyway. It was fantastic!

Lucy thought it was okay! She rated it

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