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Brownie book club

Perfect Promise
Welcome to the Brownie book club

Brownies, why not take part in our book club? Each month, we review a book. Sometimes they are new books and sometimes they are old classics that you'll find in your school library. Read them and tell us what you think.

Perfect Promise

by Caroline Plaisted

This book tells the story of five best friends, Katie, Ellie, Charlie, Jamila and Grace, who've just joined Brownies. It takes you on their exciting journey from their first unit meeting to their Promise Celebration.

The girls play games, sing songs, make arts and crafts, visit a nature centre and make lots of new friends. But most of all, they have fun!

Have you read Perfect Promise? Email the Brownie web team with your book review and you could see it published on the Brownie website! Our email address is web@girlguiding.org.uk.

Anna, the Brownie Book Club Editor, thinks this...

This book is a great read for anyone who is about to join or has just started Brownies. It'll answer lots of questions you might have about what we do.

It's also a really nice story and features five different sorts of girls; Katie loves sports, Ellie loves art, Grace loves ballet, Charlie loves animals and Jamila loves music. My favourite was Grace but who will you like the best?

Anna liked it! She rated it

Jemma thinks this...

I liked this book a lot because the girls all seem like really good friends.

Jemma liked it! She rated it

Ella May thinks this...

My favourite one was Jamila because she's got lots of brothers who get on her nerves and my brothers get on my nerves too.

Ella May loved it! She rated it

Bethan thinks this...

I thought this was a great book. I've been a Brownie for over a year and I really liked all of the characters. My favourite was Ellie as she is a hedgehog just like me. 

Bethan loved it! She rated it

Annabelle thinks this...

I have read Perfect Promise and it was brilliant. I like the pictures and the words made it really funny. I like Charlie, Ellie and Katie.

Annabelle loved it! She rated it

 Laura thinks this...

It was interesting to see that Katie and Grace broke up and then made up! And I liked it when they made cakes!

Laura liked it! She rated it

 Alice thinks this...

I loved the Perfect Promise book and I definitely rate it five stars. I fully recommend it to other Brownie bookworms like me!

Alice loved it! She rated it

 Katie thinks this...

Personally I really enjoyed the book. I couldn't put it down, all through Christmas I was reading it because it was so good. I hope Brownies have even more books like that so I can read even more. I especially liked that feeling of worry that you get when Ellie still hasn't got her uniform and I liked the way it all went really well. I wish I was in that gang of friends as they all seem really close.

Katie loved it! She rated it

 Charlotte thinks this...

I think Perfect Promise is a cool book.

Charlotte liked it! She rated it

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