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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: the ugly truth

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Welcome to the Brownie book club

Brownies, why not take part in our book club? Each month, we review a book. Sometimes they are new books and sometimes they are old classics that you'll find in your school library. Read them and tell us what you think.

Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans

by Terry Deary

Rotten Romans is a history book with a difference - it's full of some of the strangest and most disgusting facts about the Roman Empire. For example, bloody battles, gruesome gladiar and a Roman Emperor who used to eat 20kg of meat a day. There's lots of entertaniment but you'll also learn some important historical facts.

Maisie, aged 9, thinks this...

I think that Rotten Romans is a very good book because it is funny but it includes lots of information at the same time. I think the illustrations are hilarious because they are just as funny as the text.

It is a good book because you don't have to read it all at the same time - you can read other books inbetween and go back to it.

Maisie loved it! She rated it

Willow, aged 8, thinks this...

Rotten Romans is a hilarious book about Romans with brilliant easy illustrations that help you to understand even more about Romans.

It is packed with fun quizzes plus exciting, funny recounts, true time lines and many stories. It has a great fake diary of a poor Roman soldier. It also includes thrilling descriptions of pathetic Roman emperors .

Rotten Romans is full of fab facts about the people, their lives , their jobs, their baths and their cities. My favourite facts were the 'Twenty Foul Food Facts'... my teacher doesn't tell me things like that in my history lesson!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book highly and I would recommend it to any history lovers.

Willow loved it! She rated it

Freya, aged 9, thinks this...

From the first page I thought that I could recommend this book to anyone! Because it was so funny! My favourite bit of this book was when you got to guess questions and then see the answers! Looking forward to the next book review!

Freya loved it! She rated it

Elodie, aged 8, thinks this...

I really like the horrible histories books as you find out lots of funny facts about what life used to be like. I enjoyed Rotten Romans because it had lots of fun facts about games Roman Children used to play and the food they used to eat. I found out that Romans did not have a number 0, that girls had to marry whoever their farther told them too and that lots of people and children where slaves.

It's a good book and you can learn a lot from reading it.

Elodie loved it! She rated it

Anna, the Brownie Book Club Editor, thinks this...

Rotten Romans is a brilliant read, even if you don't enjoy history at school! You'll find lots of interesting events and gruesome facts. For example, some of the stuff the Romans used to eat - yuck. The other books in the series are also brilliant - why not check them out too?

Anna liked it! She rated it

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