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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: the ugly truth

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Welcome to the Brownie book club

Brownies, why not take part in our book club? Each month, we review a book. Sometimes they are new books and sometimes they are old classics that you'll find in your school library. Read them and tell us what you think.

         Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth

by Jeff Kinney

The Ugly Truth is the fifth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Disaster strikes when Greg loses his best friend Rowley (Rowley has a new friend). The book follows Greg's quest to become more popular, his battles with lazy maids and rotten dentists, nearly freezing at the school slumber party and the pain of having to attend family get-togethers with humour and hilarity.

Anna, the Brownie Book Club Editor, thinks this...

Greg is a great character. He always seems to over-think everything and his imagination runs away with him all the time. Sometimes that makes it difficult for other people to believe him when he's actually right about something, though... A really funny read!

Anna liked it! She rated it

Samadhi thinks this...

I love Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, I've read them all. I think they're so funny. I just happened to read the book this morning. I love the plot of the story growing up. And the wedding - so good!

Samadhi loved it! She rated it

Meadow, aged nine, thinks this...

I have read Diary of a Wimpy kid : The ugly truth and I LOVED it. I would so recommend it!

Meadow loved it! She rated it

Aimee, aged eight, thinks this...

The Ugly Truth is a really good, actually no, a great book! Greg is an absolutely bonkers character! I love it! There is one word to describe this book - awesome!

Aimee loved it! She rated it

Georgia, aged nine, thinks this...

The characters will really make you laugh with the funny things they say. Greg is definitely my favourite character. The pictures and speech bubbles really bring the story to life. If you like this book, I would definitely recommend Dog Days to you.

Georgia loved it! She rated it

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