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Brownie advice column

What advice would you give?

I need to earn some extra money for my family’s Christmas presents can you please help me figure out a way to earn the extra cash I need?



Last year I saved up my pocket money every week to buy Christmas presents. But this time I'm going to try and make all my presents myself, you could do that too!

Maybe you could do chores to earn money?

Need advice?
Have you got a problem that other Brownies might be able to help you with?

We're sorry but we can't post advice for every problem you email about. You might like to use some of the websites listed below. Remember, if your problem is serious you should always tell a parent or carer - don't keep it to yourself.


This anti-bullying campaign website provides help and advice on bullying issues of all kinds.


The Great Ormond Street Hospital website for seven- to eleven-year-olds is about everything from healthy living to types of illness, to bullying.

How to eat well, move more and live longer!

All sorts of problems

Charity offering information and support about all sorts of issues from homework and school, to growing up and bullying. There is also a helpline number if you need someone to talk to about a problem you have.

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