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Before doing any exercise you should warm up fully. At the end, stretch out properly to cool down.

1. Do both of the following.

**Warm up before taking exercise and stretch out afterwards.
**Know about the clothes and equipment you need for the activities you choose.

2. Do one of the following.

*Skip 60 steps forward without a break.
*Skip 20 steps backward and show three fancy steps, for example a double-turn or a cross-over.
*Spin a hoop around your waist for 20 seconds without a break.

3. Do one of the following.

*Make up a one-minute aerobic exercise sequence. Encourage other members of your Six to join in.
*Take part in a three-minute aerobic exercise sequence.

4. Follow a training circuit that has three of the following activities. Do each activity for 15 seconds.

*sit ups
*balancing on one leg
*running on the spot
*press ups
*tuck jumps.

5. Using two different balls, throw each ball against a wall ten times using both underarm and over-arm throws. Catch each ball as it bounces back.

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