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Brownie Skills

Brownie skills

Choose and do five of the following.

* Plan and make a healthy packed lunch. Know the types of food you should eat to keep healthy.

* Use a bus or train timetable to plan a journey.

* Sew on a button or badge.

* Show how to read a simple map.

* Show how to wash and iron your Brownie clothes.

* Know what to do if there is a problem at home with the gas, electricity or water supply. Use a telephone directory to find the emergency numbers for each supplier.

* Help at an event where you have to collect money and give change.

* Show how you would pack a bag for a weekend away from home.

* Know how to keep yourself safe at home, in the town and in the country.

* Show how to wash your hands and clean your teeth properly. Know why it is important to do these things, and when you should do them.

* Show that you can address an envelope correctly. Explain to the tester why postcodes are important.

* Show how to tie two different knots. Know what each knot can be used for.

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