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Brownie camper advanced

Brownie camper advanced

You don't have to have the Brownie camper badge before working for this badge.

1. Do both of the following

**You should have spent at least four nights or more away at Brownie camp.

**Make a display showing your favourite things about Brownie camp.

2. Help organise an activity with your Brownie friends at camp.

3. Tell a Brownie who has never been to camp what camp life is like. Help her learn the following camp skills.

**How to keep bedding and clothes dry.

**Keep the camp area safe and tidy.

**Prepare, cook and serve meals.

**Wash up and clear away after a meal.

4. Help another Brownie make something to remind her of the camp, or to keep a camp diary.

5. Help plan the camp, including:

**choosing the theme or reason for going

**suggesting activities, games and places to visit

**planning meals and menus.

6.Do all of the following

**Know how to keep safe when you are out and about on Brownie camp.

**Know how to keep the camp area safe.

**Know the Country Code, the Green Cross Code and the Water Safety Code.

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