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Choose and do three of the following. Discuss with and show the tester what you've done.

* Act or mime a scene from a recent Brownie event you have attended.

* Take part in World Thinking Day on the Air, or another special amateur radio event.

* Know how two-way radios (such as those used by the police, ships and aeroplanes) can be useful.

*Be able to spell your name and home town using the phonetic alphabet (A = Alpha, B = Bravo, C = Charlie and so on). Take a look at the BBC's website (this link opens in a new window) to find out more about the phonetic alphabet.

* Write or dictate a reading, poem or prayer then read it aloud.

* Learn the finger-spelling alphabet or other recognised non-verbal communication and be able to:
- ‘say' your name
- ask someone their name and understand the reply.

* In a language other than your own:
- say your name
- order some food and drink
- count to ten
- say hello and goodbye.

* Pass on a message clearly using a phone. Show how to use a pay-phone or a mobile phone, or Skype.

* Show five types of body language, for example feeling happy, sad, angry, fed up or confused.

* Make a display, or an audio or video advert for Brownies.

* Send an email or letter to the tester or the Brownie Web Team saying what you would like to do on Brownie camp or holiday, and what you enjoy about Brownies.

* Using your Brownie web safe code, take part in a live web event, such as World Thinking Day on the internet.

Need some help?
British Sign Language (this link opens in a new window)

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