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Understand and discuss the importance of the Brownie Web Safe Code and show you follow it when using the internet.


Show how to do the following:

  • Turn on the computer
  • Start a program and create a document of your choice
  • Save your work
  • Print your work
  • Safely remove hardware
  • Log off securely and shut down the computer.
Choose and do four of the following:
  • Show that you can use at least five keyboard shortcuts
  • Show the tester a game you enjoy playing and explain what you have to do
  • Discuss ways that people with disabilities can still have full access to a computer
  • Upload photos and video clips and create a presentation using sound
  • Explain and demonstrate how to send a message safely
  • Show the tester a blog that you have written or examples of blogs that you have looked at. Write something using a range of fonts, font sizes, images and check the spelling of your work for example a letter or story
  • Create a piece of art using a graphics package
  • Use two different websites to research the same information/topics and discuss the similarities and differences you find
  • Make stationery for an event, for example: invitations, menus, posters, name labels
  • With the tester, use a search engine to find out about one of the following and discuss what you have found:
    • Brownies in another country
    • A famous person
    • A hobby or sport you are interested in
    • A country you would like to visit.
  • Carry out a survey on a topic of your choice and present your results in a spread sheet/graph.


Do one of the following:

  • Discuss and show your favourite apps to the tester and describe an app that you would like to be able to use
  • Be aware of the different social media sites and know the age restrictions.Explore the history of ICT and present it using a method of your choice
  • List things that you use every day that use computers
  • Write a set of instructions for a moveable device for example a Beebot and make it work
  • Explain how an ICT system is used in businesses or shops
  • List some jobs in ICT or find out about some jobs in ICT.

Top Tips

Take regular breaks when you are on the computer: at least 5 mins every ¾ hour.

Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings when using a computer in a public place and who can see what you are doing.

This website is for our Brownies to enjoy. Parents and Leaders, please visit our main website
for information about our Brownie programme.
Brownies, if you want to know
how to use the internet safely,
read our web safe code.