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1. Do the following:

** Show how to handle kitchen utensils safely. These should include knives and scissors.
** Show and explain how to be safe in the kitchen.
** Explain the basics of food hygiene.

2. Choose and do two of the following.

* Make breakfast for three or four other people that includes two of these dishes:
- toast with jam or marmalade
- a dish using eggs
- a simple cooked breakfast, such as beans on toast
- porridge
- a muesli mix you have created
- tea or coffee
- freshly squeezed fruit juice
- any other dish you usually eat for breakfast.
* Make a healthy dish showing you can prepare fresh fruits, vegetables or salad. Arrange it in an appetising way.
* Bake and decorate biscuits, cakes or scones. Share them with other Brownies.
* Make a simple lunch snack for yourself and someone else.

3. Wash up and clear away after a meal.

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