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Cook advanced

Cook advanced

You don't have to have the Cook badge before working for this badge.

1. Do all of the following

**Show how to handle sharp knives, scissors and other kitchen utensils safely.

**Show and explain how to improve safety in the kitchen.

**Explain the basics of food hygiene and how to store foods correctly.

2. Prepare a simple two-course meal; one course must be cooked.

3. Either

Make a display for your meeting place, school or Brownie holiday that illustrates one of the following:

*food allergies

*healthy eating

*the different food groups

*the countries that different foods come from.


Make a collection of the recipes you have most enjoyed trying. Make sure your collection includes savoury and sweet dishes.

4. Show how to do two of the following.

*Use a dishwasher.

*Clean and care for non-stick cookware.

*Wash up in the correct order.

*Clean a microwave oven.

*Clean a fridge.

5. Do one of the following.

*Prepare a traditional dish from another country.

*Plan and prepare the food for a Rainbow party or children's birthday party.

*Prepare a dish using an ingredient you've never used before.

*With an adult you know, cook a meal outdoors on a stove or barbecue.

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