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Choose and do three of the following. Finish two of them to show the tester. Explain how you made them and what you will do with them. Take the third item to the test unfinished to show the tester how you will finish it.

* Make a bag or T-shirt decorated with printing or dyeing.
* Use a paper craft, like marbling, paper making, quilling or origami to create something decorative.
* Weave an item, for example a friendship bracelet or coaster.
* Create a scented or textured collage using a variety of materials such as cloth, paper, felt, wool, natural objects, dried pastas and pulses.
* Make a piñata or other useful item using papier mâché.
* Create an ornament from natural materials such as wood or stone.
* Design and make a garden in a box or bottle.
* Design a garden using a computer programme. Print out your design.
* Design your ideal bedroom using pictures from catalogues, paint, wallpaper and fabric samples. You can use a computer design programme.
* Make two matching items of jewellery from home-made beads or pendants.
* Knit something that would be useful, such as a scarf, cushion or item of clothing for a baby or child.
* Sew, by hand or using a machine, a useful item such as a bookmark or pencil case. Decorate with embroidery stitches.
* Decorate a mirror or sun catcher with glass paints.
* Make an item using a craft from another country or from your local area.
* Create something using a craft technique of your choice.

Need some help? Take a look at the Art Attack website. They have some great craft and art activities for you to try.

Other useful websites:
CBBC website
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Did you know you can finish one of the challenges by playing our dream room decorator game?

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