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When riding a bicycle you must wear a helmet that fits you and is not damaged.

1. Show how to check that a bicycle is safe to ride. Show how to check that the chain, brakes and tyres are all in good order.

2. Do the following.

** Wear clothing that is safe for cycling.
** Explain why it is important to be seen when cycling.
** Know where to find details of lighting-up time.
** Show how to keep lights and reflectors in working order.

3. Make a simple repair kit to carry with you when cycling. Bring it to the test and show how to use the items.

4. In a safe area, safely ride your bicycle:

** in and out of a line of blocks or cones
** using the brakes correctly.

5. Go cycling with the tester or an adult you know. Show that you understand:

** the Highway Code for cyclists
** hand signals that cyclists use
** how to carry essential items.

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