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1. Choose and do one of the following.

*Make a collection about three of your favourite types of dance. You could include:
- pictures
- music
- information on the costumes worn
- details of famous dancers
- history.
* Know the stories of three well-known ballets.
* Find out about the national dances of three countries, including their history, the costumes worn and the music played as an accompaniment.

2. Complete one of the following sections. Talk with the tester about the dances you do.

Folk and national dance

Know three dances and be able to perform them really well.

Creative dance

Use one of the following ideas to make up a simple dance.
- Tell a well-known story.
- Interpret a picture.
- Make a pattern.
You can dance with or without sound.

Perform a simple dance to a rhythm played on a percussion instrument.
Perform a simple dance to a piece of music you have brought with you.


You should hold the Grade 1 Certificate from a teaching society recognised by the Council for Dance Education and Training or any other recognised equivalent certificate.

At the test perform a dance lasting one minute using the steps in that grade.

Wheelchair dancing

Perform three dances of different character in a self-propelled or assisted wheelchair.

Other forms of dance

Hold the First Grade Certificate or Bronze Medal of the nationally recognised dance organisation for that dance form, such as tap, Greek, ballroom and so on.

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