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1. Choose four items from the design ideas below. Create a design for each item, remembering that you need to be able to:

** explain how and why you came up with your idea
** show the tester your original ideas, as well as your final design
** explain your choice of materials.

Design ideas

* An outfit you could wear on holiday.
* Something useful made by recycling materials.
* An advert for Brownies, such as for a billboard, in a magazine, on a website, on the television or on the radio.
* A cover for your favourite book.
* Something to make an elderly person's life easier.
* A web page.
* A garden, window box or patio.
* A gadget for the future.
* A badge for a special event.

2. Find out something about a famous designer. Tell your Six about the designer in an interesting way using pictures of their work.

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