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Finding your way

Finding your way

1.Do all of the following.

**Describe the easiest and quickest way of getting from your meeting place to local shops or a shopping centre.

**Know the best way of getting to two nearby towns, villages or shopping centres.

**Know suitable routes for someone using a wheelchair or pushing a pram.

2. Give clear directions on how to get to some local places from your Brownie meeting place. For example:

*the post office

*police station


*place of worship


*community centre


*local shop.

Draw a map for a new Brownie showing some of these places and your meeting place.

3. Take the tester to a nearby building or landmark following directions you have been given. You may use a simple map of the area, follow signs or look for landmarks.

4. Describe your local bus, train or tram services. Know where to catch these services and when they run.

5.Do both of the following.

**Act out a short play about being safe when out and about.

**Know about the Green Cross Code, the Country Code and the Water Safety Code.

6. Tell the tester what you know about stranger danger.

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