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Fire safety

Fire safety

1. Find out how the fire service works and what happens when it receives an emergency call.

2. Know how most fires in the home start. Talk with the tester about some ways to prevent fires from starting.

3. Know about battery-operated and hard-wired smoke detectors. Describe:

**the best places to put smoke detectors

**the sound a smoke detector makes

**how and when to test smoke detectors.

4. Make an escape plan for your home or meeting place. You should include:

**two ways out of each room (if possible)

**a meeting point outside, where everyone should go to.

Make sure everyone knows how to get out if there is a fire. Practise your escape plan at least once.

5. Describe each of the following.

**How to call the fire service in an emergency.

**How to escape from a smoke-filled room.

**How to prevent smoke entering a room.

**How to check for fire behind a door and not open it if there is a fire.

**What you would do if your own (or someone else's) clothes caught fire.

6. Describe basic fire safety for:

**ovens, hobs, grills, microwave ovens and toasters

**fires and heaters

**people who smoke.

Are you a Leader? Download this resource , which is full of fun activities to help you take your whole unit on a journey through this badge.

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