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First aid

First aid

1. Discuss with the tester:

**why first aid is important
**why you should get medical help as soon as possible and how you would do this
**why you should get adult help as soon as possible
**why you must think of your own safety before rushing to help a casualty
**how you think someone might feel if they have had an accident.

2.Do each of the following.

**Know how to check whether a casualty is unconscious or not.
**Show how to open an airway.
**Show how to check someone for normal breathing.
**Show how to put a casualty into the recovery position. Explain when and why you would do this.

3.Do both of the following.

**Know why your blood is important to you. Show how you would deal with the following types of bleeding:
- small graze or cut
- nosebleed
- serious deep cut with a lot of bleeding
- cut that has a piece of glass in it.

**Explain how and why you would protect yourself when dealing with a casualty who is bleeding.

4. Know what causes burns and scalds. Show how you would treat them.

5.Do both of the following.

**Describe what would make you suspect that someone had a broken bone.
**Show what you would do if you thought a bone was broken.

Need some help? Visit the St John Ambulance website (this link opens in a new window) to learn about first aid.

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