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Friend to animals

Friend to animals

Friends to animals resource from Pets at Home      Pets at Home logo

Do one clause from each section.

All the clauses from one section.


*Make a poster or leaflet about your favourite pet animal showing:
- what it eats
- where it comes from
- what kind of exercise it needs
- how it likes to play.

*Find out about working animals like guide dogs or horses. Explain how they are trained and why they are useful.

*Choose an animal charity and find out about its work. Help support its work, for example join one of its sponsored events.

*Draw a picture or write a poem or story about a pet. Show what makes it special and individual.

Endangered animals

*Make a poster or leaflet about an endangered animal. Include details about:
- where it lives
- what it eats
- why it is endangered.

*Choose a charity or organisation that helps protect endangered animals. Help support its work, for example join one of its sponsored events.

*Find out about some animals that are already extinct. Explain why this has happened, and what can be done so it doesn't happen in the future.

*Make up a quiz, game or activity about endangered animals for your Six.

Zoos, animal sanctuaries and wildlife reserves

*Visit your nearest zoo, animal sanctuary or wildlife reserve. Find out about some of the animals that live there, including at least one you hadn't heard of before. Make a scrapbook about your visit.

*Look at the different colours and patterns of animals. Explain why animals need camouflage. Use some of the patterns you see in a piece of art, for example a face mask.

*Describe how life is different for animals that live in the wild to those that live in captivity.

*Find out how some zoos' conservation work helps to protect endangered animals. Get details of the adoption schemes that are run by some zoos and sanctuaries.

Animal care

*Know why humans are a threat to animals, and what can be done about it. Make a poster or leaflet showing how Brownies can help.

*Imitate five animals for the rest of your Six to guess.

*Know where your local vet's surgery is and when it is open. Explain:
- why your pet might need to visit the vet
- what you would do if you found a sick or stray animal. *Make a book about animals for a young child. Choose at least five animals and say where they live, what they eat and what their babies are called.

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