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Healthy heart

Healthy heart

1. Know the three things that you need to do to keep your heart healthy.

2. Choose and do two clauses from each section.

Eating a healthy diet

* Make a poster that shows which foods are good and bad for your heart. Put it up in your meeting place, local library or doctor's surgery.
* Plan and prepare a healthy lunch.
* Keep a food diary for one week. Talk with the tester about how you could eat more healthily.
* Use food packaging to create a collage of the Balance of Good Health model showing the five food groups.

Being active

* Know how much exercise you should do each day to keep your heart healthy. Tell the tester your top ten activities for making your heart beat faster.
* Take your pulse before and after three different physical activities. Rest between each activity to let your heart rate return to normal. Know why this is good for your heart.
* Make a chart to show how much exercise you do each week. Talk with the tester about whether you should change the type or amount of exercise you do.
* Make up a game to play with others at Brownies that will make your hearts beat faster.

Looking after your body

* Write a poem or song, or make a poster, about the damage caused by smoking.
* Find out about asthma. Know what to do if someone has an asthma attack.
* Explain why it is important to follow the instruction label on medicines carefully. Know how to dispose of medicines and pills safely.
* Know which foods most often cause allergic reactions. Know what someone who has a food allergy should do to keep healthy.

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