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Home safety

Home safety

1.Do both of the following.

**Show how to do the following safely.
- Make a hot drink.
- Switch an electrical appliance on and off, such as a hairdryer, TV or CD player.

**Know how to fill a bath safely.

2.Do both of the following.

**Study a room in your house looking for possible dangers. Draw a picture of the room showing the dangers. Think about the following:
- electrical sockets and plugs
- trailing and damaged wires
- clothes
- toys
- electrical equipment
- windows
- doors
- furniture
- floor coverings.

**Explain why you think they may be dangerous and how to make the room safer. Know what needs to be done, and who should do it.

3.Do both of the following.

**Make up a game or activity to help other Brownies learn how the following could be a danger to young children:
- plastic bags
- medicines and pills left within reach
- scissors, knives, needles and pins
- chemicals like cleaning fluids and disinfectants.

**Know how to reduce these dangers.

4. Explain how and when to call the emergency services. Know how to use a household, a mobile and a public telephone in an emergency.

5.Do all of the following.

**Give the name, address and telephone number of a relative or neighbour who could help in an emergency.

**Know where there is a working torch for use in an emergency, for example in a power cut.

**Know how to contact your family doctor in an emergency.

Need help? Why not try playing the Home Safety Game?

Download this resource, which is full of fun activities to help you take your whole unit on a journey through this badge.

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