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Home skills

Home skills

1. Clean two of the following:

*a window or mirror

*a basin or sink

*a cupboard or drawer

*a pair of shoes

*a car, inside or out.

2. Make your bed every day for a week. Tidy, dust and vacuum your bedroom.

3.Do all of the following.

**Explain what clothes-care symbols mean.

**Show how you wash, dry and iron clothes.

**Describe the electronic system of colour recognition used by blind or visually impaired people.

4. Lay a table for a main meal. Wash up and clear away afterwards.

5. Make up a game or activity about recycling symbols on packaging. Discuss with the tester how you can improve recycling in your home.

Brownie Leaders may have more information to help you complete this badge in the Brownie Adventure File 3.

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