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Out and about

Out and about

1. Show how to dress for walking and rambling. Pack a bag or rucksack.

2. With an adult you know, go for a walk lasting at least 30 minutes and show:

**how to use a simple map of the area

**how to set a map using landmarks (find landmarks on the map and then know where you are and which direction you are facing)

**that you understand the Green Cross Code, the Country Code and the Water Safety Code.

3. Either

Plan and carry out a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt for your Six and the tester.


Take part in a mini-hike or orienteering game.

4. Know what precautions you can take against bad weather and being caught in darkness.

5. Make a display or act out a short play about keeping safe when out and about, for example how to be visible after dark or in the fog, stranger danger and so on.

Need some help?
Tales of the Road
Countryside access

Brownie Leaders may have more information to help you complete this badge in the Brownie Adventure File 3.

Special Badge Available

Earn a special white-edged Brownie Out and about badge when you complete this badge resource, supported by Cotswold Outdoor. Your Leader can purchase this badge from Girlguiding Trading Services.

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