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Road safety

Road safety

1. Take a photograph or draw a picture of:

**a safe crossing place

**an unsafe crossing place.

Show you understand the differences.

2. Know the Green Cross Code and explain how to cross roads safely.

3.Do both of the following.

**Design an outfit to help someone be easily seen when walking near roads at night or in bad weather. Describe what materials you would use and why.

**Design a cycle helmet. Know why wearing a helmet is very important.

4. Know the order of traffic lights and what the different colours mean. Make up a game or activity for other Brownies based on traffic lights.

5.Do both of the following.

**Look at the road signs and markings shown in the Highway Code. Know the difference between circular, triangular and rectangular signs. Point out one example of each and explain what they mean.

**Explain the meaning of some signs and markings when shown a picture of them.

6.Do both of the following.

**Know how to keep safe when going out without an adult.

**Make a poster or game about what to do if lost or separated from your carer or friends.

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