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Do one clause from each season.

All the clauses from one season.


*With an adult you know, make a nest box or bird feeder. With permission, hang it in a suitable place.

*Tell your Six about a folk custom or religious festival that takes place during the spring. Either act it out with your Six or make some costumes for it.

*Keep a record for at least two weeks of when and where you see the following:
- spring flowers
- leaves appearing on trees
- baby animals.

*Make a gauge to measure rainfall. Use it for at least two weeks and keep a daily record. Discuss the changes.


*Make a bird bath and fill it each day with water. Keep a record for two weeks of the birds that use it. Make a note of any other creatures that visit it.

*Find out about sports and activities that take place in your local area during the summer. If possible, join in with one.

*Plan your ideal holiday. Make a scrapbook with pictures and information about your dream destination that you can share with your Six.

*Watch butterflies, bees and other insects on a flowering plant or bush. Know what they are doing and why. Taste three different types of honey and decide which is your favourite.


*Know which fruits and vegetables are available in the autumn. Make something to eat using one of them, like blackberry pie or toffee apples, to share with your Six.

*Make a scrapbook or poster about animals that hibernate in the UK and around the world. You can use photos and drawings as well as information.

*With an adult you know, spend time looking at the stars and point out at least two constellations.

Use fallen natural objects, like conkers, acorns or leaves to make a collage or decoration.
Make a picture from bark or stone rubbing.


*Make bird pudding and leave it out somewhere safe for birds to eat. Keep a record for at least two weeks of all the birds that eat the food.

*Know why it is important to be seen clearly when outdoors in the dark. Make reflective strips and attach them to your coat and bag.

*Tell your Six about winter festivals from two different faiths or cultures. Either help celebrate one of them or do an activity linked with it.

*Grow a bulb, such as a hyacinth, in a clear container or water so you can see its roots grow.

Need some help? (each link opens in a new window)
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Brownie Leaders may have more information to help you complete this badge in the Brownie Adventure File 3.

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