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1. Do all of the following.

**Safely enter shallow water without using steps.
**Submerge yourself in shallow water and blow bubbles for three seconds.
**On your front, push and glide from the side or bottom of the pool to a standing position.
**Swim ten metres front crawl.
**Swim ten metres back crawl.
**Swim ten metres breaststroke.
**On either your front or your back, float for 20 seconds.
**Swim 25 metres without stopping, using any strokes.

2. Do all of the following.

**Know why you should not run on the poolside.
**Know what you should do before getting into the pool.
**Be able to tell which is the shallow end and which is the deep end of a pool.
**Know what to do if you feel unwell in or near the pool, and if another swimmer is having difficulties.

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