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Swimmer advanced

Swimmer advanced

You don't have to have the Swimmer badge before working for this badge.

1. Do all of the following.

**Jump into deep water and tread water for 30 seconds.
**Swim 25 metres front crawl.
**Swim 25 metres back crawl.
**Swim 25 metres breaststroke.
**Scull head first, using your hands, for ten metres.
**In water that is shoulder deep, swim through an underwater hoop.
**Demonstrate a mushroom float for ten seconds.
**Pick up an object from the pool floor.
**Swim ten metres front crawl leg kick using a float.
**Confidently swim 50 metres using any strokes without stopping.

2.Do both of the following.

**Discuss with the tester the importance of hygiene and safety rules at your regular swimming pool.
**Know where it is safe to dive into a pool and what precautions you should take before diving.

3. Take part in one of the following as a taster session:

**synchronised swimming
**water safety
**distance swimming

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