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Brownie traditions

Brownie traditions

1. Make a quiz or game or put on a short play for other Brownies about the following:

**when Brownies started

**what Brownies were first called

**how the Brownie uniform has changed.

2. Choose and do three of these traditional Brownie activities:

*Tie a reef knot and know when it can be used. Tie a bow in your shoelaces. Make a single plait with thin rope or cord.

*Draw the Union flag and know how it is made up.

*Show how Brownies used to tie their scarf.

*Know the first verse of the national anthem.

*Safely light a candle using a match.

*Find out what Brownies used to carry in their pockets.

*Find out about your Six emblem.

*With other Brownies, sing some of the Six songs that Brownies used to sing.

*Draw a Brownie First Class badge. Know what ‘flying up' and ‘gaining your wings' involved.

*Draw a picture of a Brownie magic carpet.

*Find out what the Brownie fitness exercise and Brownie health rules were. Do them both for a week.

3. Make a scrapbook or display showing what you think Brownies will be doing in ten years.

Need some help? Why not read the Girl Guides History CBBC Newsround Article (this link opens in a new window) for ideas and information.

Brownie Leaders may have more information to help you complete this badge in the Brownie Adventure File 1.

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