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World cultures

World cultures

Choose and do five of the following.

*Make a scrapbook about your own culture. Include details that might be of interest to someone from a different country, such as:
- your national anthem
- the meaning of one of your names
- information about your faith or religion
- a picture of your national flag
- a picture of someone in your national dress
- your family's or town's coat of arms
- your national emblem
- a recipe for a national dish
- information about a national or patron saint.

*Keep a record of the food that you eat during one week, including:
- the country or part of the world where you would expect to eat that food
- details from the packaging about where the ingredients come from.
Point out these different places on a map of the world.

*From magazines, newspapers and websites, collect pictures that show girls and women around the world at work, school and relaxing. Include pictures from your own country.

*Make a decoration or craft from another country, for example Mexican God's eye, Danish heart, Swedish dove or Rangoli patterns.

**Listen to or read a story from another country. Act it out with your Six for the rest of the unit.

*Decorate an egg in the style of an Eastern European Easter egg.

*Make some food from a culture other than your own that is eaten at a festival time, such as Saint Nicholas' biscuits eaten in Scandinavia at Christmas or Jewish New Year honey cake.

*With other Brownies, plan and take part in a Japanese doll festival or a Chinese New Year celebration.

Make a mask of an animal from another part of the world.
Make a mask to represent a custom or tradition from a culture other than your own.

*Find out about jewellery worn around the world. Make earrings or a necklace from natural materials, or use modelling clay to simulate bone or teeth.

*Make a scrapbook about different clothes and costumes worn around the world. This could include pictures, costume dolls or clothes.

Play a singing game from another country.
Make a musical instrument from another country.

*Make a model of a house from another country. Find out what it would be built from.

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