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World guiding

World guiding

Choose and do five of the following:

*Learn a Brownie song from another country. Sing it with your Six.

*Make a friendship circle of paper dolls. Colour each one with a different Brownie uniform from around the world.

*Take part in an event or activity with Brownies from another unit.

*Say ‘hello' to a Brownie you don't know. Give her something you have made.

*Find out what WAGGGS stands for. Draw the World badge and explain what each part means.

*Explain what it means to you to know there are Brownies in many different countries.

*Draw or glue a picture of one of the four World Centres on to card. Make it into a jigsaw puzzle for another Brownie to complete.

*Know something about each of the four World Centres.

*Send a tape, letter, email or postcard to a Brownie in another country. You can do this on your own or with other Brownies.

*Cook and taste something that a Brownie in another Commonwealth country might regularly eat.

*Design a World Thinking Day card. Send it to someone you know in guiding.

*With other Brownies plan and take part in a World Thinking Day celebration.

*Talk with someone who has been abroad with Girlguiding. Tell the tester what you found out.

*Choose a country where there are Brownies. Make a poster and use it to tell your Six about the country and the Brownies who live there.

Need Help?
Our Cabana, Girlguiding World Centre, Mexico
Our Chalet, Girlguiding World Centre, Switzerland
Pax Lodge, Girlguiding World Centre, London
Sangam, Girlguiding World Centre, India
Girl Scouts USA
Girl Guides of Canada

Brownie Leaders may have more information to help you complete this badge in the Brownie Adventure File 2.

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