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1. Write one of the following:

*a poem that is not longer than 20 lines

*a story of your own

*a song that you could teach your Six then all sing to other Brownies.

2. Do two of the following.

*Write an article for a magazine about something exciting you have done in Brownies.

*Write a scene for your favourite TV or radio programme.

*Write a description around 500 words long about your favourite person, TV celebrity, actor, pop star or Brownie friend.

*Keep a diary for four weeks. Record your thoughts and feelings, and what you did.

*Put together a glossary (words and their meanings) of at leastten words to do with one of your hobbies, such as Brownies, cooking, swimming, singing or computers.

*Write a letter inviting someone to a Promise Celebration at Brownies explaining what the celebration is about.

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