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Brownie book club

Welcome to the Brownie book club

Brownies, why not take part in our book club? Each month, we review a book. Sometimes they are new books and sometimes they are old classics that you'll find in your school library. Read them and tell us what you think.

How to Train your Dragon

by Cressida Cowell

Meet Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III who is the most put upon Viking in the world. He’s unable to make himself heard at dinner with his father, Stoick the Vast, not tough enough to beat his chief rival, Snotlout, at Bashyball (the number one school sport) and CERTAINLY not stupid enough to go into a cave full of dragons to find a pet... It's time for Hiccup to learn how to be a Hero.

Kaylee-Beth, aged 9, thinks this...

What a wonderful book! I love the way it was written and how stubborn Toothless is. I think that I would love to have the chance to train a dragon although it is not as easy as it sounds in this book. Cressida Cowell is now added to my favourite author list and I feel like reading the rest of her books. My favourite part of the story is at the beginning when Fishlegs forgot his dragon and Hiccup had to go and get one for him! Although Toothless is cute he is quite a handful!

Kaylee-Beth liked it! She rated it

Evie, aged 7, thinks this...

I liked this book as it was very funny. My favourite part was when the green death dragon exploded! You could really get a picture in your head because the author used so many adjectives and adverbs.

Evie loved it! She rated it

Penny, the book club editor, thinks this...

At first I thought this book was just for boys – but it’s not. It is great fun. I felt really sorry for Hiccup at the beginning, but all his adventures training his dragon are absolutely brill! Toothless is perhaps the stupidest dragon you’ll ever meet but I fell in love with him. I now want a dragon!

Penny loved it! She rated it

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