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 I'm a Brownie too
2nd Holywood Brownies

1st Luanda Brownies (in Angola)

We are the 1st Luanda Brownies from Angola, West Africa.  We formed in August 2014 and we just took our Promise before the October break. This is a picture from the Promise after-party - we played lots of games and ate party food. 

The Promise party was for new brownies taking their promise and existing Brownies, new to Luanda retaking their Promise.  We had been doing 6 weeks of work previously learning about the Brownie story, what being a good Brownie involves and what the Promise means.

The girls decided in a pow wow they wanted to take their Promise and then celebrate with an after-party.  We meet outside every Monday so the party involved games, singing songs and dancing.

All the brownies took party food to share on the night and mums and dads were invited to stay and participate.

The Promise was done in their Sixes: first, the existing Brownies did theirs together in a circle, and then new Brownies were brought up by their Sixer to recite the Promise and then look into the mirror.

Party games included:

I sent a letter to my love
Musical chairs
Musical status
fruit salad
Port starboard

Hope this gives you a good idea of our night, everyone was high on sugar in the photo! Also pictured is the 1st Luanda Guides - also newly set up!

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