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 I'm a Brownie too

2nd Caerphilly Brownies

My name is Sophie, I am 8 years old and I go to 2nd Caerphilly Brownies.

In November, we went to Techniquest in Cardiff Bay. Techniquest is a science museum where everyone can try out experiments to learn about lots of things like how our bodies work, how light and sounds travel and also how things move and fit together.

It was a very special night for us because we took part in lots of activities to earn our Star Gazer badge. There were lots of other Brownies there too and we were all in groups named after planets. Our pack was called Venus!

We enjoyed trying out lots of new things like looking through telescopes and learning about how sunlight shines onto the moon.

Planetarium pictureThe best part was when we went into the planetarium where lights are shone onto the ceiling so it looks exactly like the night sky. We learnt about how people in the olden days made patterns with the stars.

They joined up the stars like dot to dot to make pictures of all sorts of things like animals and people! Sailors used to use the stars to find their way around the sea because the North Star is always in the same place in the sky. We were all keen to find the North Star on our way home!

Our trip to Techniquest was fantastic and our Brownies felt really lucky to have had the chance to get our badge in such an interesting way.

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