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 I'm a Brownie too

Emma of 2nd Denvilles Brownies

Emma is a member of 2nd Denvilles Brownies. She has had Type 1 diabetes since the age of three.

Emma loves letting others know about her condition so when the Brownies did their Disability Awareness Badges she told them all about diabetes and her pump.

She showed everyone her pump and the pretty pump pouch which she had tied around her waist. Emma told the other Brownies how she feels very privileged to have a pump to treat her diabetes and would like other children with diabetes to have them too.

Emma spent a week on Brownie Holiday with the unit and joined in all the activities. She had to take off her pump when they went canoeing so it didn’t get wet. It was great for Emma who stayed dry - we can't say the same for two of the Leaders! She enjoyed it so much she has been on another Brownie Holiday.

Emma is part of the 'Type 1 superstars', which consists of Emma, Emily and Katie, all aged 9. Emily and Katie go to 2nd Boscombe Down Brownies.

Emma enjoys letting others know about her condition so much that she became a Young Ambassador for her charity and raises money to support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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