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Brownie stories
Let's start writing!

Can you write a story or poem?

Thank you so much for your stories and poems. Please send more in - you can write about anything you like. It's completely up to you!

We'll publish your stories on the Brownie website for all the other Brownies to enjoy. You can write your story on your own, or invite your whole unit to write it together.
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The Lost Beast

Ella, Bella and Tabitha sat down by a calm bubbling stream to plan where to go next. “Let’s walk towards that big tree.” Said Bella, “No, I think we should walk along the bubbly stream.” Said Ella. “Shhhhhhhhh, listen” whispered Tabitha, “I hear a growl in the distance…..”
The girls scream and run all holding hands into the jungle. After half an hour of running they come to a clearing with a collection of caves. In one of the caves they see a ginger furry bottom poking out.
They creep a little closer, and finally see a bit more of the beast they realise that it is not a scary beast but a furry Mummy cuddling ten tiny baby beasts.

By Tabitha, 7, 8th Witham Brownies




Poetry is words going on holiday
They pack their bags and jump into the car of thought
Excitedly they arrive at the beach of imagination
Jump, spin, dance they do it all
Slowly the pen struggles to keep up with the wild celebration
As crazy as a sea of balloons the words party
The poem forms.

By Hannah



Brown Owl
Responsible and ready to go
Outstanding, always having fun
Winners or losers we don't care
New or old we're all friends
It is fun, we play games
Excellence in everything
Steady and ready for new adventures

By Ashley B


On the day of my birthday

Suddenly I woke up with a smile on my face because it was my birthday so I went into my mums room and said morning it's my birthday quickly I need to open my presents mum said “You have got to have breakfast first and you have to wait for your dad to come up to the house and then you can open your presents.”

Then the post man was here he said “Hello this letter is for Miss Georgia Crook” I said “that's me my name is Georgia Crook and I am a Miss.”

Then the phone rang so I shouted “Mum the phone’s ringing” and she came down very quickly. Mum what that was the call about and who was it I asked she whispers,"It is a surprise for you later after school".

“Let's go and do your presents” mum said so all of us went to the living room where there was lots and lots of presents that said my name all over them the best gift I got was a badge that said “You are 9 today" and also an iPad and I went straight on my iPad and then mum said “You can open all of the rest of them later because you have got to go to school.”

I have just arrived at school and everybody are saying ‘happy birthday’ to me because I was wearing my new badge. The bell went so I had to go to class and it was phonics the most boring thing for me in school I would like to have maths instead.

It is now break so I have to go home because I am going to the dentist and I won't come back to school, I have just left school to go to the dentist!!!!!!!

THE END Thank you for reading the story

By Georgia Crook



My Grandmother's dog

I was at my Grandmother’s house. She had a great dog but I hated taking it for walks! You have to run after it when it goes off and when you get it back it pulls you along the path so you have to let it got again. So, when you finely get back you notice the dog is muddy so you have to wash it, and in the end it takes about two hours! So that day I hardly saw my grandmother.
The next day I was going to do gardening. I was supposed to dig a hole but instead of putting seeds in it I climbed into it. Then I suddenly came to a door so I opened it and I started to climb down slowly and then after five minutes my hands came sweaty and I felt too tired to carry on so ...

Suddenly I slip and I fell on to a soft sticky pink plop it looked like a massive candy floss stick.

By Isabelle




Brown Owl.
Really good girls and keep a law.
On 11th of November they march.
We do badges.
Nice to meet my friends at Brownies.
I love Brownies!
Everybody loves Brownies.
Snowy Owl.

By Daisy Conway



The frog and the sock

Once there was a frog called Zac, who really liked socks because they were like a ninja suit. He is a ninja. It is funny for us but serious to him. All frogs like socks.

The next day he found the King frog's sock and wore it all around. The King noticed him and shouted "Go to the dungeon now."

Zac was really unhappy but he just remembered that he had a key that could get anybody three wishes. He wished he would become the King of people.

So he actually became the King of England and lived happily forever being rich.

By Isabella Straub

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