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1. With an adult you know, go outside when it is dark and do the following.

**Look at the stars.
**Point out the Plough and use it to find the North Star.
**Point out two other constellations.
**Look at the stars through a telescope or binoculars. Know what are good conditions for stargazing.

2. Tell other Brownies the stories behind the two constellations you pointed out in clause 1.

3. Visit a planetarium, observatory, museum or website with an astronomy section. Tell the tester four things you found out.

4. Make a mobile or draw a picture to show the phases of our moon.

5. Name the planets in our solar system. Find out some facts about four of them and use this to make a game or puzzle for other Brownies.

6. Explain why sailors in ancient times needed to know about the stars.

Need some help?
Open University Stargazing
NASA Astronomy Site

Brownie Leaders may have more information to help you complete this badge in the Brownie Adventure File 1.

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